About Skaņaiskalns

Skaņaiskalns Nature Park with its unusual attractiveness delights and provides recreation at any time of the year. Along 3km of the Salaca River there are several unusual natural objects.

The river Salaca is especially picturesque starting from Valtenberg manor to Skaņaiskalns. Here is the Werewolf Pine - rich in legends and stories, whose roots, washed away by the waters of Salaca over the years, have now formed a 1-1.5 m high circle of roots.

Devil's Stone is nearby. According to legend, the devil carried the stone because he wanted to fill Salaca, but the rooster crowed, the devil ran away and left the stone.

On the left bank of the Salaca is the Angel Cave, which got its name from the rocky outcrop that resembles an angel's wings.

On the Bridge of Love, lovers can whisper their secrets to each other and continue to climb the Stairs of Dreams - just as in the past did the daughter of the baron of Valtenberg manor Eleonora and her beloved.

In the deep openings of the river the red sandstone cliffs stand. Almost every outcrop has a crumbling cave. The most remarkable is the Devil's Cave, where in ancient times a furious devil lived, which did not give peace to Mazsalaca and its inhabitants and did a lot of damage.

There is a Sour Barrel right next to the cave. There, the clear spring water of the Sour Barrel quenches visitors' thirst on hot summer days.

Dwarf named Taciņš kindly invites us to walk along the Dwarf Trail. Here you can greet owls, gnomes and relax under the fabulous oak branches.

Carnation cliffs are a magnificent 20 m high and 300 m long red sandstone outcrops. Once upon a time, white, fragrant sand carnations grew on the rock wall, from which the name of the rocks originated. A particularly beautiful view of the cliffs opens from the Devil's pulpit. Where the devil spoke in the past, until he was cast out of the country.

Fairytale characters of the Kurbada trail in Skaņaiskalns Nature Park winds along the entire main road. They are based on the fairytale motives of North Vidzeme and Estonian folk.

Finally, Skaņaiskalns itself, which is one of the most popular geological formations in Latvia. The sandstone wall is slightly concave, so it gives a unique acoustic effect - an unusually clear echo. Echo of Skaņaiskalns is the only echo of its kind in Latvia.

From the entrance to the park to Skaņaiskalns cliff along the shore of Salaca there is a newly created trail "Birds come home", where visitors can sightsee the beautiful river banks, use swing, cool off at the spring of subterranean water and watch Salaca on a wooden platform. Younger visitors of Skaņaiskalns Nature Park can play in the newly created attractions. Swinging on different types of swings, climbing the lookout tower, have fun on the slide, as well as climbing, sneaking, crawling and walking through quite difficult obstacles, meanwhile, adult visitors can watch over kids and relax on a bench near the playground. Visitors can also see various new wooden bird sculptures.