Our Friends

Museum of Mazsalaca

The Mazsalaca County Museum allows visitors to get acquainted with the historical and cultural heritage of the ancient families from the county. In addition, other thematic exhibitions are organized. The museum currently has: an exposition of sandstones created within the framework of the project "Unknown Northern Latvia"; a collection of bells of various materials donated by Ēriks Celmiņš; Valters Hirte’s  collection of wooden sculptures; hunting trophies - animal horns, stuffed animals, etc. ; a collection of toy-souvenir mice donated by Ilga Andersone and an exhibition of ancient family trees co-created by Jānis Plūksne and Nellija Nurmika.


Love passes through the stomach. The companions and chefs Danija and Ēriks Pudniki - Lindes are also determined to show it. While traveling the world, they were inspired to found their company Ēdiendaris together in Latvia, thus expressing themselves creatively in cooking. Their added value - a changeable, individual and varied menu. The dishes created by Danija and Ēriks include the flavors of several cultures - Indian, Mexican, American, etc. They not only serve salty delicacies, but also specialize in baking cakes and making desserts.

Park of Senses

In the Park of Senses, every nature lover, from small children to senior citizens, has the opportunity to feel the touch of nature with the help of all five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. There are three tourist trails on the territory of the park - the Barefoot Trail, the Trail in the Trees and the Trail in the Trees for Children.

Valmiera Olympic centre

Valmiera Olympic Center is a modern sports complex that offers a wide range of sports infrastructure services for professional athletes, city residents and its guests. The sports complex has a universal sports hall, an ice rink and a synthetic grass football stadium with artificial lighting, an athletics stadium with a natural grass football field and various sports fields, as well as marked running tracks in the forest area. In addition to sports fields and halls, we also offer hotel, sports medicine, SPA and catering services.